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Red wine




Cotes du Rhone (France) Henri La Fontaine (France)  Easy drinking wine, with aromas of peppery spice, then berry fruit & gentle tannin
Cabernet sauvignon /
Merlot / Syrah
Medaillon (Morocco) A charming velvety wine with round silky tannins
Rioja Campo Dorado Crianza (Spain)  masses of warm plummy dark berry fruits overlaid with smoky oak. Wonderful with lamb 
Bourgogne pinot noir

Henri La Fontaine (France)  fragrant with a bouquet of ripe raspberries & herbs. Light and silky.

Chateauneuf du Pape Henri La Fontaine (France)  full bodied, spicy wine with powerful aromas

White wine

Chardonnay (France)  fresh, fruity & delicate 
Pinot grigio Fuili Grave (Italy)  an appetising, fresh, spicy wine with zesting undertones & lingering flavour

Henri La Fontaine (France)  Grand vin du Bourgogne. It has typical steely mineral aromas and a hint of butter

Sauvignon blanc Medaillon (Morocco)  dry and minerally, with hints of green apples, pleasingly full and round on the palate
Pouilly fume Domain Minet Le Bois Chaud (France)  fresh aromas of crushed gooseberry are followed by flinty, green, mouth-watering fruit and a refreshing bone-dry finish

Rose wine

Syrah Medaillon (Morocco)  elegant, stylish and dry, fresh and slightly spicy


Paul Langier Brut. A pleasing cuvee of Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier


Daldin. Italy.  Extra dry, satin 

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